It all started in 1961...

"...I snuck into my brother’s bedroom and stole my father’s Zenith Transoceanic radio. It had been accumulating dust, unused in months. I sat up until the wee hours, listening to the music that was changing both the world and my life."  

     Dan began his musical career in the 60's with his first band in Massachusetts, The Rats. He put his career on hold until the early 70's, when he could actually drive to gigs. After being graduated from Proctor Academy, he began studies at Beloit College, leaving for Guam for a job at a mental institution. After foregoingThere, he joined Bamboo, a horn band which played island nightclubs and concerts, as well as opening for Chuck Berry.

     Over the years, he's been one of the founding members of a number of rock n' roll/blues bands: Apathy, Cottonmouth, Windfall Prophet, Groove Moon and others. He's played across the New England states, in Texas and Colorado (Boulder, Telluride, and Colorado Springs), and, of course, throughout Florida.

     He began writing songs as soon as he could play guitar. After 30+ years playing rock music, he realized it was time for a change and took the opportunity to work on songwriting. Dan's songwriting range is eclectic, ranging from Dan Hicks' style swing to Cajun rhythms, rocknroll and Americana, with a little country thrown in now and then. 

What they have in common is his ability to tell a story to any audience. 

     He's putting out cds reflecting the heartfelt observations and stories from a lifetime of living, full tilt boogie. He's won an honorable mention in the annual Billboard Song contest (Requiem for the Survivors) been named an up and coming songwriter (Rearview Mirrors) and has released three professional albums.  Angels in the Sand is his fourth effort, released in May of 2016. Both Rearview Mirrors and My Life of Adventure "long-listed" for the Grammy award the years they were released.

      Dan's fourth CD with Gatorbone Records drops in May, 2017, (Runnin' the Backroads), including Blair Mountain, the story of coal mines and mining companies, written directly from his heart and sadly relevant to the times. It also includes "Hey Uncle Sam (It's Just my Opinion) (A tale of Faux news) and "Another Sad Country Tale” (arguably the world’s best unknown pick-up truck song).

     Some of the tunes from the new cd are already getting airplay and charting on Jango  !

     Dan records at the amazing Gatorbone Records, with the extremely talented and generous Lis and Lon Williamson, fine musicians in their own right.   Mixing and mastering magic occurs with the ever patient and wonderful Pete Winter, at Winterstone. Both Jason Thomas and Gabe Valla have also appeared on all Dan's cds, contributing their own brand of skilled and original licks.    

     Dan plays out occasionally at various clubs, private parties and festivals, though he is primarily a songwriter these days. He lives in the very cool town of Gulfport, Florida, with his artist wife, Juju. The porch light is almost always on. 

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